HMF Racing recently unveiled a new line of performance enhanced brake pedals, radiator scoops, full exhaust systems, front and rear bumpers for the RZR RS1. The front and rear bumpers add great protection, the radiator scoops will increase the airflow on your machine and the new brake pedal is an excellent replacement for the large blocky stock pedal on the RS1.

HMF has also engineered dual full exhaust systems for the RZR RS1. They are available in a 4" Performance and 5" Titan Series. The systems pick up 4-5 horsepower at high RPMs and 2 pounds of torque at the wheels. The Performance Series from HMF is capable of generating an even increase in your machines horsepower and torque while distributing an aggressive deep sound. The Titan series is built to withstand extreme temperatures, increase torque and horsepower, add durability and improve the overall exhaust tone. The Titan-QS features a mechanical core design that produces incredible horsepower while keeping the sound levels to a minimum. If you crave maximum horsepower with maximum volume, the Titan-XL features an unrestricted internal core design that produces maximum horsepower at an incredibly loud volume. Built from 304 Stainless Steel, the Titan weighs substantially less than stock, will resist corrosion and withstand the extreme temperatures generated from your off-road adventures.  

The exhaust systems come in standard colors and you also can opt for HMF Blackout which includes a specialized matte colored ceramic coating that is formulated to withstand extreme temperatures. All options are available at