If you’re a demanding off-road side by side driver it is hard to argue with Polaris when they tout the RZR PRO XP as their best RZR ever. The new UTV boasts a 181 HP, Turbo H.O.; 4-Stroke DOHC Twin Cylinder Turbocharged engine. Out of the lot the Pro XP delivers delivers the next level of performance. But, if you are like us, we are always looking for an edge in power and performance above and beyond that which stock parts offer.

HMF’s engineering team has been busy designing high performance bumpers, equipment and muffler systems for the new Pro XP.  The Polaris RZR PRO XP exhaust systems are available as Dual Slip Ons in the Performance Series, Dual Full Turbo-Back in the Performance and Titan Series, and a Single Full Turbo-Back Big Core in the Titan SS Series.

Performance Series

The RZR Pro XP’s restrictive stock silencer produces a sound that is inherently quiet compared to the aggressive deep sound we have gotten used to from our side by sides.  The Dual Slip-On, 4” diameter aluminum silencers replace the stock silencer, are significantly lighter and give you a deep aggressive, angry tone. The Slip-On systems retain the original downpipe and turbo heat shields. Slip-On Systems are simple to install and designed to be a direct replacement for a vehicle's original silencer. HMF’s Performance Series Dual Turbo-Back adds a 2.5" mandrel-bent, stainless steel downpipe from the turbocharger and features a laser-cut heat shield. The Performance series exhaust systems are assembled on a durable 6063-T6 aluminum alloy shell, with magnesium and silicon as the alloying elements. Equal Power Distribution is achieved due to a 2 1/8" unrestricted core and special hole pattern. You will also enjoy a weight loss of 4.30 lbs off stock with the dual slip on and -5.05 lbs with the dual turbo back.

Titan Series

The HMF Titan series is built from 304 Stainless Steel and designed to withstand extreme elements as well increase torque and horsepower. The Titan Dual Turbo-Back Exhaust systems are designed using Loud (XL) or Quiet (QS) cores. The XL offers a “hearty bark” while the QS provides a stock-like sound level but with a richer and deeper tone.  Dual Full Turbo-Back systems include 5” diameter stainless steel silencers and stainless steel downpipe. These systems replace the entire exhaust system on your PRO XP from the turbo back. The downpipe includes a flex joint and custom laser-cut heat shield that mounts to the downpipe.

The Big Core Turbo Back are designed with a single 5” stainless steel silencer and unrestricted 2.5” downpipe.  This system is the least restrictive of all Pro XP options, it will satisfy the performance requirements of serious racing and enthusiasts alike. The Big Core will minimize back pressure on the turbo and help keep the PRO XP turbo spooled for the best possible throttle response. An added performance improving feature with the SS Single Turbo Back is its’ lower weight of 13.85 lbs, 12.40 lbs less than stock systems.


Both the Performance and the Titan Series exhaust systems are available in “Blackout”. This ceramic based finish is formulated to withstand up to 1200°F temperatures from your exhaust system and protect it exposure to the elements. Slip on systems feature a ceramic coated inlet and end cap while the full systems will also have a ceramic coated head pipe.

DynoJet Power Vision

HMF also offers the DynoJet, a performance tuner and data logging device which gives you the latest flash tuning technology, real-time data monitoring, and other industry exclusive features. DynoJet Power Vision includes a proprietary HMF tune map specifically designed for the Polaris XP Pro equipped with the HMF exhaust. Installation is simple and it allows you to flash your ECU with settings that are designed for optimum performance. Power gains with just an exhaust were around +3 hp / +1 ft-lb, using the DynoJet PowerVision 3, gains were +17 hp and +6 ft-lbs.

HMF is currently working on a line of accessories and equipment for the Polaris RZR Pro XP. Release should be expected in the near future. The full line of Polaris RZR PRO XP exhaust systems and kits that include the Dynojet Powervision are available on RacingPowerSports.com