HMF has been developing some of the highest performing aftermarket exhausts for ATV and UTV owners for over 20 years. Their quality of manufacturing and customizable parts are well known among Can-Am owners. HMF has also used their racing experience and engineering prowess to design some exception accessories for the UTV industry. One of our favorites is the Easy-Grip Door Handle for the Can-Am Maverick X3.

The Can-Am Maverick X3 offers its’ passengers unmatched ergonomic adjustability and ease of accessorization. There is very little, if anything, we would change but the nylon door latches is one of them. The stock Can-Am Maverick X3 nylon strap door handles just feel flimsy, at least compared to the ballistic engineering evident throughout the X3. Quick fading has been known to be an issue, rattling and accessibility can be frustrating at times.

Enter the HMF Easy-Grip Door Handle. This well designed handle is a solution to all the annoyances of the stock strap door handle on the X3. Strength and dependability is not an issue with the Easy-Grip. It is manufactured using a 6061 billet aluminum, know for its’ strength and light weight.  The clear-coated aluminum handle is mounted to the X3 using a powder coated steel plate. The handle then attaches to the OEM latch mechanism via a steel rod. Strong bolts and Nyloc nuts round out the design. Installation of the Easy-Grip is very simple. Your reward is a aesthetically pleasing, strong and highly functional handle that is prepared for whatever your adventure can throw at it.

The HMF Easy-Grip Door Handle comes in a set of two and can be found at RacingPowerSports for a competitive price.