You bought your UTV for adventure, to go where your full size vehicles can’t. Finding remote areas to explore are part of the adventure and being prepared in those remote areas is just smart. If your pushing your UTV like it was meant to be pushed then a tire repair is inevitable.  

One of the most important components in your tire repair kit is air. An excellent option is a on-board compressor like the Fabworks adventure kit. A self sustaining supply of air to cover your needs or be of assistance to someone else along the way.

The Adventure Air Compressor kits are available for mounting on Polaris, Textron and CanAm vehicles. They weigh in at under 7 pounds, come preassembled and can be easily mounted within minutes. The compressor is 100% bolt-in using factory bolts and mounts in open spaces under Polaris/Textron hoods or CanAm seats. Each unit runs on DC power and is pre-wired to work with existing electrical systems on your UTV.

Durability is not an issue with the Fabworks Adventure compressor. The laser cut lightweight brackets are CNC formed with a satin black powder coated finish and all stainless steel hardware to withstand whatever the environment throws at you.

You can leave your pressure gauge at home as one is already built into the kit. The compressor comes with an easily stored 14 foot hose allowing your to reach all 4 tires and assist anybody else you meet along the way. Even if you can manage the expense of a full spare tire, wheel, and mounting system it is prudent to have the compressor along so you don’t have to cut your adventure short because of tire issues.

RacingPowerSports carries a full line of Full Metal Fabworks Adventure Air Compressor Kits on our website at a competitive price.