Baja Designs have been innovators of American made off-road lighting products for 25 years. Their latest laser light series is another example of industry changing technology.

The OnX6 Hybrid Laser/LED and XL Laser High Speed Spot light packages can output 350% more lighting distance than any LED on the market today. The new series of laser lights addresse the previous issue of spots and gaps in lighting. They also does an excellent job of blending light at high speeds. You don’t have to just take our word for it, just check out the recent race results in Baja where multiple leaders and winners took advantage of Baja Designs’ new laser light technology to give them an advantage.

The 10” OnX6 Hybrid Laser/LED light bar combines 2 laser chips and 4 LED chips give you the ultimate lighting package in one housing. The light bars are available in 10”, 20”, 30”, 40” and 50” sizes to cover all your lighting needs.  The 50” boasts 38,800 Lumens, utilizes 20 LEDs and 10 Laser Chips. The OnX6 Hybrid combines two premium style led’s and laser technology to cover all your lighting zones.

If you require lighting to cut through the dark at incredible distances then the XL Laser High Speed Spot is a perfect solution.  The XL includes combines four laser chips projected through through Baja Designs’ proprietary High Speed Spot optic, to produce an extremely tight 1.5° pattern.  You can also utilize 2 harnesses and 2 XL light for maximum coverage.

RacingPowerSports carries an extensive line of Baja Designs’ lighting solutions including the OnX6 Hybrid Laser/LED and XL Laser High Speed Spot light packages.