LoneStar LSR Exhaust Vortex ECU Fuel Customs Air Filter Yamaha Yfz450R Blk 09-19

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45-471091 + VTU-374R + IN009
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Designed with the help of Moto-Xperts. The Lone Star Racing Exhaust has been dyno tested against the competitors and the numbers show! Massive horsepower & torque gains over stock with an extremely steady power curve all the way through your RPM range. Not only will you be getting a dyno proven exhaust but you get the choice of color options for your decal and the muffler as well.

The Vortex ECU for the YAMAHA YFZ450R is like our CDI and EFI Interceptor rolled into one module. The ECU controls not only Spark timing and Voltage output but also Fuel Metering and other engine management functions. The result is more power, better power, easier starting and ultimately faster lap times. This unit comes pre-programmed with 10 Performance Fuel & Spark timing maps as well as having 3 additional switches for user trimming (adjusting) of Fuel in Lo, Mid and Hi throttle openings. The ECU plugs directly into the bikes standard wiring harness and interfaces with all the standard engine sensors such as ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature), IAT (Intake Air Temperature), MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure), TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), CPS (Crank Position Sensor) to adjust fuel and spark timing for optimum power delivery in all weather, altitude and load conditions. Performance gains vary depending on throttle and RPM points however typically gains are in Top End power and Bottom End throttle response is expected from the Power settings and a smoother more tractable or rideable power from the Traction settings. We have done extensive work to include tune parameters which improve starting and almost eliminate the flameouts experienced with EFI mx bikes. All of the development work is done for you! All that is left is for you to do is chose a setting that best suits your riding style or track conditions and ride!

The ECU is also fully programmable (Software not supplied-available at additional cost) with parameters that are far more extensive than those found in any factory setting tools, such as Rev Limits, Throttle Enrichment & Decay time, Fuel timing, High Resolution Mapping, Dwell Timing, Voltage Output and trim tables for cold starting, air intake, baro, battery voltage , etc... In addition there is real time logging & graphing of many parameters. The ECU connects to a PC through our USB/Power adaptor which requires no external power source.

Fuel Customs Intake Air Filter for the Yamaha YFZ450R. Get amazing power and throttle response with our highly anticipated Yamaha YRZ 450R Intake System. With over a year of R&D put into this system it’s truly a performer. With our high flow intake tube, this intake surpasses anything on the market when compared.

More & Smoother Power Pre Programmed with 10 Performance Fuel & Ignition maps (changed by adjustable dial) developed on the Dyno & Track, all the work is done for you! Instant Plug in Performance (replaces standard ECU with no mods to wiring required) 3 fuel trim switches to adjust fuel mapping by +12.5% to minus 10% in Lo, Mid and Hi throttle opening Adjustments made using a screwdriver and switches provide visual feedback as to changes made V-Boost - Programmable Voltage Boost Circuit for maximizing Spark Energy across the entire rev range Higher Rev Limit (where required) Robust design, fully waterproof with o-ring sealed switches Diagnostic Flash codes, tests for sensor faults and flashes codes to FI light Rubber Mounting Boot + Brackets supplied (where required) Race Proven reliability Handlebar switch (Optional upgrade at additional cost)- Dynamic Map Selection, easy installation with original plugs Fully Programmable (PC Software - not included, available at additional cost) Interface to Vortex Data Acquisition System and Wideband A/F Sensor

Fuel Customs Kit Includes: Custom Air tube Rubber Adapter 2 Hose Clamps Bracket Filter & Outerwear 2 Bolts and 2 Nuts for Subframe

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