Atlas Tyke MX Neck Brace Ghost White Kids

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Protect your kid this motocross racing season with a Tyke MX neck brace!
Small on size, yet big on features. The solid, yet flexible material of this MX and mountain bike neck brace provides maximum protection for kid’s neck, collarbone, and spine. This Atlas neck brace helps prevent spinal cord injuries when you crash and fall. Pliability of this MX neck brace allows for controlled stops, rather than jolting halts. Built-in chest suspension allows the MX racer or mountain biker to tuck and roll in an accident. Chest and back reinforcement shields spinal cord and sternum from impact.

Any MX racer or downhill mountain biker will tell you that motocross protective gear is essential for your safety while competing in extreme sports. Whether you are a professional motocross racer or simply ride for sport, this Atlas Tyke MX neck brace can protect you from spinal cord injury and broken bones in an accident. The last thing you want is to hurt yourself while training, so order this Atlas neck brace today to stay safe out on the track!

Color: Ghost White
Size: Kids

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