Atlas Air MX Neck Brace Ghost White Medium

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If you are a motocross racer or mountain biker who is in need of dirt bike protective gear, the Atlas Air neck brace is for you! Sturdy, yet flexible MX neck brace material protects the neck, collarbone, and spine while allowing for movement.

This motocross and mountain bike neck brace reduces the risk of cervical spine injury upon impact. The durable flex material of this MX neck brace ensures controlled stops. Chest suspension allows the wearer of this motocross protective gear to tuck and roll in an accident Chest and back support provides protection for spinal cord and sternum.

Every MX competitor and mountain biker needs a durable MX neck brace they can rely on to protect their neck and back when accidents happen. The Atlas Air neck brace is known for its state-of-the-art comfortable design, which prevents jarring stops and provides optimal coverage in the event of a racing accident. Not only does this MX and mountain bike neck brace shield the racer from spinal injuries and bone fractures, but it also allows for maximum movement so the racer can tuck and roll during a crash. Race safe and order your Atlas Air neck brace today

Color: Ghost White
Size: Medium

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